About Us


 Hi! My name is Michelle. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona as a 3rd generation native Arizonan (the love for this place runs deep!) I fell in love in and with Tucson, Arizona where I met my husband and have lived here for the past fifteen years. Together we have three boys and one old pup named Harley.  I have a passion for finding the best things and learning their stories and then sharing them with anyone who will listen. I strongly believe in the power of “home” whatever that looks like for you, and hope to find the best tools to help you share your home and what makes it special with everyone who comes into it. I love cooking while listening to Red Garland or Billie Holiday, playing Uno with my kids, hiking around Tanque Verde falls, and am currently devoting my Friday nights to new episodes of “The Great British Bake Off.”  

Thanks for being here, I am so happy to have you! 

The name "Mae" originally belonged to my Great Grandma, but this shop isn’t just about her, it is a nod to all the women I have been lucky enough to call family. Survivors, mold breakers, generation changers, creators, and welcomers. My grandmothers, my husband’s grandmothers, and my mom and mother in law - my children’s grandmothers, have all taught me in different ways that home isn't just a place, but when done well, a feeling that you can keep with you and share with those you love. A smell that reminds you of being cared for, a favorite blanket that you wrap up in whenever you need comforting, the food you cook every holiday because it holds the love of the one who originally cooked it for you.

All of these things carry “home” within them. 

My hope is that this place will give you the tools and the inspiration to make and carry “home” with you too.