We are our values and our dollars are our vote, so here are a few things we value at Mae: 

    • We believe in being good stewards of our environment. We act on this by reusing boxes and packaging and using sustainable packaging materials wherever possible. This means that when products are shipped to us, we make an effort to reuse the shipping materials they came to us in. Sometimes they aren’t always the prettiest, but we embrace the idea of “ugly beautiful” - They are beautiful because our reuse reduces our environmental impact. This also means that one of our considerations when we are researching products for the shop is the materials they are made of. Our main goal is to stay away from plastics.
    • We shop small. As a small business we know the importance of supporting other small businesses. When we are looking for products to introduce into our store, we always look to shop small first, and the closer to home the better. 
    • We believe in People first and we hope this is translated in everything that we do; from carrying ethically produced products, to treating every person who comes in contact with Mae - from the makers to the customers, to the employees - with dignity, respect, and kindness.